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Study visit Sweden to Portugal 25th to 28th of October 2010

During our visit we were shown the work of three regional actors, such as Cooperative ESDIME – a Agency for Social Solidarity which operates in the region of Southwest Alentejo. Their strategy is to enhance the strong aspects of this sub-region, such as good accessibility, a well preserved and unique cultural and natural environment. As well as to minimize the local weaknesses, such as low education of the human resources, the weak enterprising dynamics, the fragile industrial production and the negative demographic trend of the region.

Other actor was Association Terras Dentro  an association for local development, Nongovernmental organization of public interest in the area of the Central Alentejo. Their main goals are the sustainable and integrated development of the area they operate within by respecting the traditional values of the people living there. Their work is focused on the problematic of women’s unemployment and entrepreneurship.

We were also shown several good practices in the region.

During the last day of the visit the Portuguese partners arranged a dissemination seminar according to Component II aims. The participants from the portuguese side were representatives from their regional development Agency, their politically appointed Vice-President, the Director of the Public Unemployment Agency in their NUTS II area and a department Chief from the Faculty of Sociology at Évora’s University


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