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Child-care is the first step, says polish study-visitors in Sweden


 -You cannot increase the number of European women in the labour-market without first arranging the child-care.


Marta Hozer-Kocmiel from the University of Szczecin was one of the Polish representatives participating in the Winnet 8 study visit in the Swedish town of Gävle the 12th and 13 th of October.

-          Sweden, with its well arranged child-care system, has one on Europe’s highest fertility rates, and highest number of women in the labour-market. In other countries you have to choose between having children or a job.


The aim with the study visits is to compare the 8 membercountries’ gender equality situation and the work done to improve the situation.

Good examples will be picked out from the visits. The idea is to gain from all the different experiences and use them in the national and regional work in each country.


Part from discussing and receiving information about the Swedish child-care model, the Polish visitors also listened to a lecture on the regional work on gender equality, and on the Swedish model of Women Resource Centres.


-          The Swedish documents will be a good inspiration for us, we need to get the gender-issues into the strategic documents and policies in Poland, said Marta Hozer-Kocmie.  


Poland will soon host a study-visit from Greece, while the Swedish Winnet8-participants are going to Portugal to take part of their gender-equality situation in the end of October.



 Marta Hozer-Kocmiel from the University of Szczecin

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