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Component II
Communication and Dissemination

  • To ensure effective communication within the partnership
  • To apply a systematic approach to horizontal and vertical dissemination
  • To raise awareness of the key political stakeholders of the issues affecting occupational segregation of women
  • To improve regional knowledge of how to design policies and action plans promoting women, in labour market, innovation and technology and entrepreneurship


  • The project Website will be created in connection with the Winnet Europe website for ensuring the widest dissemination
  • E-Newsletters will be distributed regularly to the consortium’s joint base of e-mail contacts, which will include policy makers, researchers, experts and representatives from WRCs (businesses/business intermediaries)
  • Articles will be produced for publication in different journals and seminars will be arranged for selected journalists
  • Four Round Tables will be organised at the end of the project with decision and policy makers in the North Zone arranged in Sweden, the East Zone arranged in Poland, the South Zone arranged in Italy and the West Zone arranged in UK
  • A mid term conference in Finland and a closing conference in Greece will be organised for all project partners and participants to report their results and share their experiences
  • Press releases will be produced and press conferences organised in connection to all major events of the project
  • Existing contacts with networks such as the European network to promote women’s entrepreneurship (WES) and the Committee of the Regions will be untilised for disseminating the project and its results to the widest possible audience
Key Products:
  • 4 Regional Policy Documents will be produced as a result of the 4 Regional Operational round table meetings
  • A Handbook with 100 best practice examples of WRCs and projects with a gender perspective will be compiled during the project
  • The Final Policy Document to inform policy at all levels will be the finalising product of the project

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